March 23 Meeting Reminder


Sergeant at Arms:  Barb Devlin

Thought for the Week: Latanya Daniels or other School Principal

Program:  Club Assembly chaired by President Chip Groth

Most of the meeting will feature three organizations receiving contributions from the Richfield Rotary Foundation:  

  • Richfield High School, represented by Christina Gonzalez, Director of Student Support Services - Funds will be used to purchase curriculum materials to support healthy life choices.
  • MIRA , represented by MIRA Board Member Melissa Melnick and Program Coordinator Yacaira Zavala — Funds will be used to provide a class for ESL parents focusing on use of technology to monitor and support their child’s learning
  • City of Richfield Public Safety, represented by Jill Meckenberg, Crime Prevention Specialist - Funds will be used to support this year’s Safety Camp, for which Richfield Rotary also provides volunteer support.

Be present to welcome our visitors and learn more about how the funds will be used to support the Richfield community and youth.