January 17, 2019 Meeting Reminder - 7:15 - 8:30 AM, 2nd Floor Boardroom, Richfield / Bloomington Honda

Attendance / Happy Dollars:  David Melcher 
Thought for the Week:  Chip Groth

Program:  Dr. Carlondrea Hines, Principal, Richfield Middle School

Following the departure of Brian Zambreno for another position, Dr. Carlondrea Hines was hired as the new principal of Richfield Middle School.   Dr. Hines was born and raised in Chicago, IL had has served in various positions in education in Minnesota, Mississippi and Tennessee.  Dr. Hines writes, “I believe that I was called into the field of education and I have a purpose to fulfill. I am very passionate about the education of all students and I love serving students and families. I look forward to meeting and partnering with you as we continue to build a strong Richfield Middle School.”  Please attend this meeting and help welcome Dr. Hines to the Richfield community!