2008/2009 STRIVE Graduation Breakfast

STRIVE students, parents, RHS administrators and staff, and Rotarians attended the STRIVE Awards Breakfast on May 28, 2009.  The breakfast was held at the Richfield School District Board Room.  Here are some pictures and comments made on the evaluation each student completed.
One thing I learned in STRIVE is...
"Stop and think before you act."
"How to manage my impulsivity and how to  think rationally."
"Better self-control and higher self-confidence."
Separate the facts from lies and opinions - that has helped me a lot."
   Students should participate in STRIVE because...
   "STRIVE is good preparation for life."
   "STRIVE teaches you to always strive for the best."
   "STRIVE helps you make the right decisions."
   "STRIVE offers guidance and support from people other than teachers
    or family."
   "STRIVE helps students  meet their goals."
   "Teaming up to work on a plan for success is always more fun than
    working alone."
   "It helps you to become a better person and learn how to deal with difficulties."
   "It's a good experience."
   "It's a great class where you can learn about your emotions."
   "You can learn a lot from Rotary members."
   "It's fun and you'll meet new people."
Rotary members and adults should volunteer as STRIVE mentors because...
"It's good to keep in touch with young people."
"Participation by caring Rotarians and other aults is what gives the program meaning."
"These students are the future of our communities.  Why not help them through life?"
"STRIVE gives mentors the opportunity to see what concerns young people have and allows mentors to make an impact in students' lives."
"It is greatly satisfying and enouraging to see a student make a positive change in their life."
"Even at age 60, you are still learning, and it's fun to her the younger generation's responses."
"Mentors and other adults can see how genuine students are in their sharing."
"You can learn incredible things from students."
"STRIVE helps you keep young!"