Kimi Rowson, Kerri Kleinschmidt (Rotary Exchange Host Family), and Etsuko Rowson (Japanese Rotary Exchange student circa 1990's) came and visited with Richfield Rotarians.

After more than 20 years back in Japan, Estuko Rowan made a return visit to her Minnesota Rotary Exchange host family with her middle child Kimi Rowson.

Estuko Rowan grandfather is a Rotarian in Nagasaki, Japan. Estuko was a rotary exchange student in the mid 1990 and stayed with Kerri Kleinschmidt family, and two other St. Paul, MN families. Estuko attended St. Paul Central during her stay. Estuko had heard about the rotary exchange and Minnesota, as a student from St.Minnesota was an exchange student in Japan. Estuko and Kerri shared many stories from the exchange year. Several Richfield Rotarians had questions ranging from new foods to daily activities.