Happy Dollars

  • Natalie Landwehr got her new nametag.  She commented, "It's official!"
  • Both Jean Fox and Kirsten Nelson gave shout-outs to Dr. Jay Clark - "The best dentist in Richfield."
  • Club members extended their thanks to President Chip for organizing the Pizza Luce fund-raiser.  Chip said the staff mentioned receiving “a lot of flyers” throughout the day, and is waiting for a check from corporate.  Pizza Luce invited us to partner with them on future fund-raisers as well.

Spotlight on Richfield College Education Program (RCEP)

Jason Sellars, administrator of the Richfield College Education Program (RCEP) brought two students with him, Caleb White and Pamela Osorio.  Jason reminded us that RCEP offers students the opportunity to experience a college campus while being dual enrolled in high school and college courses.    Located on the Normandale Community College campus, teachers and staff support students to help them transition from high school to college through instruction, advising, and planning a college or career pathway.  RCEP’s motto is "Grow, Learn, Excel.”    In its first year, 53 students enrolled in their first college courses this fall; all of the students are the first in their families to attend college.  The goal is for students to pass the NCC 1000 (pre-requisites for succeeding in college) while at the same time completing requirements for graduation from Richfield High School.

Caleb White shared, “I like the flexibility of RCEP and the cool new teachers.” 

Pamela added, “I wasn’t doing real well at RHS and wanted a fresh start.”  Pamela enjoys having more freedom at RCEP, access to additional resources, and “more time to talk to teachers and get work done.”

Jason encouraged Rotarians to visit the program, possibly serving as class presenters.

Program:  Pam Serdar - "In Search of the Black Madonna and Art of Southern France Pilgrimage"

From October 14 - 23, 2016, Pam Serdar participated in a pilgrimage to France that included visits to churches and museums featuring religious art, including many focused on Mary Magdalene who, according to legend, escaped after Jesus’ death to southern France where she lived in a cave.  Legend also describes Mary as an African black; hence, the inspiration for many images of Mary as the Black Madonna.



Among the places Pam visited was the Marc Chagall museum, which included a series of paintings based on the Song of Solomon that included lots of red, depicting passion.  Chagall is known for his symbolic use of color.





Pam also visited Notre-Dame de la Garde, (literally Our Lady of the Guard) a Catholic basilica in Marseille, France.


Pam took over 700 photos on the trip on her brand new Samsung 7 phone.  It was legal to bring her Samsung 7 on a plane when she left on the trip, but she was not permitted to bring it on the plane when she came back.    Fortunately, she was able to upload her photos to the Cloud before her departure!