We were saddened to learn that former Rotarian Herb Perry died on October 13 following a heart attack, at age 81.  Herb’s business partner posted a notice on Herb’s Facebook page, along with information about Herb’s life.  Herb spent 35 years serving clients in both the Las Vegas area and his home state of Minnesota. He grew up near St. Cloud and was married for 59 years to his wife, Darlene, who died in 2016.  He is survived by his daughter and an adopted daughter, a boat person from Cambodia who he and his wife adopted during the 1970's. 

Herb spent winter months in Las Vegas and summer months in Richfield.  He was a volunteer deputy sheriff for many years in Hennepin County, MN. He was also public affairs director of CBS radio for 20 years at KXNT radio in Las Vegas and hosted the Sunday public affairs show.  

He was an AIDS activist. His 25-year-old son was one of the disease's first victims due to a lab accident, where an open wound was exposed to contaminated blood. His only son died 25 years ago. 

Our sympathies are extended to Herb’s daughters.