Happy Dollars


Steve Jedlund sent greetings from former Richfield Rotarian Brad Rinsem who he visited recently in Boca Raton.
Mayor Debbie Goetell invited us all to attend the Richfield Foundation Wine and Cheese gathering on October 8.  Tickets are available at Richfield Liquor Stores.  For more information please check out
Lynne Alexander is celebrating the end of her lawsuit where her company prevailed.  She announced "the money is in the bank"
Pam Serdar invited everyone to check out the new Little Free Library in the Richfield United Methodist Church parking lot.  It looks like a little Noah's Ark.
Jean Fox was excited to be going on her annual hiking club retreat near Hayward Wisconsin.


Paul Harris Society Awards





Holly Callen (District Paul Harris Society Chair) presented Paul Harris Society Membership pins to Lynne Alexander and Jean Fox. The Paul Harris Fellow designation is given to individual Rotarians who have committed to give $1000 or more to the Rotary Foundation each year as long as they are able to do so.












Program - Lung Cancer Awareness


Curt Anderson, Tricia Wilkinson, and Molly Flaig From A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation presented our program on Lung Cancer Awareness.  Both Curt and Tricia are lung cancer survivors.
Some of the biggest challenges in the fight against lung cancer are unfair research funding, lack of awareness and societal blame.
Lung cancer claims more lives than any other cancer (16% survival rate) including breast, colon and pancreatic cancers combined, yet research for a cure is funded by as much as 20 times less that other cancers.  More than half of those diagnosed each year are nonsmokers yet the general public believes that only smokers die of lung cancer and they somehow "deserve" their suffering and are blamed for their poor choices. This societal belief creates ignorance which leads to missed symptoms, late diagnoses and attitudes that hurt families.  Because of this stigma, most lung cancer cases are found in stages III-IV creating a very low survival rate.
The major causes of lung cancer are smoking, radon which is present in 2 out of 5 homes in Minnesota, exposure to second hand smoke, exposure to asbestos, family history and pollution. Symptoms to talk to your doctor about are fatigue, persistent cough, shortness of breath, chest/shoulder pain, loss of appetite, or coughing up phlegm/mucous/blood. If these symptoms are present ask about a low dose CT which is sometimes not covered by insurance but only costs around $125 if you must pay for it yourself.
Prevention includes not smoking, talking to your Doctor about any of the symptoms above, and lowering your own risk factors. Rotarians who attended the meeting were offered free radon testing kits.
The Breath of Hope Foundation, which was founded in 2008 by patients, families and their nurse, works to end the stigma, to achieve fairness in Federal Funding, increase insurance coverage to include low dose CT's and an eventual cure.  They believe that every life is worth fighting for!
Pictured (L to R) are Curt Anderson, Tricia Wilkinson, and Molly Flaig