The following people were elected to the Richfield Rotary Foundation last week at our club meeting.  This re-establishes the 3 classes of members as per our by-laws so that we have a rolling membership.  These elections should be held at the end of June each Rotary year.





CLASS ends June 30, 2016

David Melcher

Pam Serdar


CLASS ends June 30 2017

Lynne Alexander, President

Steve Larson


CLASS ends June 30 2018

Jay Clark

Marlene Evenson


PAST PRESIDENT ends June 30 2016 

John Devlin




Current President  Anthony Bradford

President Elect  Chip Groth

President Elect Elect Pam Serdat

Treasurer Chip Groth

Associate Treasurer Laura Briggs

Chair of The Rotary Foundation Steve Jedlund